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Water Sort Puzzle


To win Water Sort Puzzle, you must pour the same liquid into a tub. Many liquids are mixed into tubs which challenges your logical thinking.

In recent years, a puzzle game with colorful liquid tubs is increasingly famous around the world. The work seems easy but it takes players a lot of time. Now, this fun game appears on our website.

Play Water Sort Puzzle online

Now, you don't need to install this game on your device because you can enjoy Water Sort Puzzle online on our website. With many interesting puzzles, children can even play this game to exercise their thinking. This game doesn't contain violent factors, so parents can allow their children to experience this game.

Put the same liquid into a tub

On the screen, there are always some different tubs that have colorful liquid. The liquid is in a random position in the tub. Now, you will put them in the correct tub.

One tub for one same-color liquid

To make the game easier, try your best to fill one tube with the same-color liquid. Then, you will complete the other tubs. The number of tubs will increase according to the level you gain.

Choose the mode first

There are four modes that are suitable for each player's quality. If you are a newbie, you can practice with easy mode. Then, increase the level's difficulty with normal and hard modes. When you are ready for a really challenging level, you can enter the expert mode. The puzzle game isn't your favorite. How about Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow which is a fast-paced game?