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Geometry Dash Meltdown


Put your control skills to the test when playing Geometry Dash Meltdown. With three hard levels, only skillful players can pass them. Are you one of them?

When talking about hard games, many players will think about Geometry Dash. There are many versions of this game such as Geometry Dash Bloodbath. However, the bloodbath version is too difficult for players. Therefore, we offer Geometry Dash Meltdown for you. Now, let's see some interesting factors of this game.

Experience Geometry Dash Meltdown levels

To increase the game difficulty, three levels are designed. Each level has a unique background and obstacles. However, you must go through the final portal to complete all levels here. Collecting three coins on the road is also very important. Moreover, you should collect the keys to see obviously the obstacles and blocks on the way. It's time to walk through each level

Geometry Dash Meltdown The Seven Seas

This mode is deserve one star in this game. The main theme in this level is the dark seas, where you can see many monsters with sharp teeth.

Viking Arena Geometry Dash Meltdown

At Viking Arena level, instead of the dark sea, you will see the obstacles through the glimmering torch. It does not mean the number of obstacles will decrease. You even have to face new traps are the moving saws.

Geometry Dash Meltdown Airborne Robots

Welcome to the robot world at this level. The new feature of this level is your geometry will jump on the hook in the air. These hooks are arranged on long spike chains. Utilize them to jump over these chains.

Geometry Dash Meltdown for newbies

You don't get used to the gameplay or control. It's very hard to require you to start the official race. Therefore, Practice mode is created in this game. In this mode, there are many gems that are considered as checkpoints. If you must restart the track in official mode, you can replay at the last checkpoint in practice mode. From that, you may be familiar with the terrains of each level.

How to play Geometry Dash Meltdown

The key to success in each fast-paced game is on time. Click the left mouse button to jump over the obstacles as well as the traps. You must take a quick look at the oncoming obstacles and be ready to jump over them. Follow your running progress through the bar on the screen. When you fill that bar, you will complete the level. As you see at the beginning, you only jump a geometry. However, sometimes, the geometry will fly a plane. You will control the plane to avoid the spikes, saws, and monsters on the way. Click the mouse to fly up and release to fall down.

Prepare before entering the game

Changing the characters is available in this game. With the diversity of characters, it takes a lot of time to select one Geometry Dash Meltdown character. All of these characters are available. It is exciting, isn't it? Now, let's select your favorite character and start the game!

Make sure to check your Internet connection before playing this game. With one little mistake, you must restart this game.