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Drive Mad


Intro Drive Mad

Drive Mad is an arcade game where you can drive different kinds of cars. Reach the end of the road to pass a level. Ready to solve the problems!


This game is developed by Martin Magni from Fancade. You can even search Drive Mad Fancade. This game is inspired by driving the truck. However, this game is designed with many hard situations.

Play online

You can play Drive Mad unblocked at the school. The game has many different levels and simple control for children to have fun. Moreover, installing isn't necessary. You just need an Internet-connected device to enjoy this hot game.

Guide to driving the vehicles in Drive Mad

The terrain in this game

The road isn't smooth because its size is very small. The road is only filled with one vehicle. On the road, you may see some rope bridges which always shake when your truck moves through them. They can even make your truck lose its balance. Therefore, you need to control the character. Some slopes also can turn your car over. Take care of them!

Drive the vehicle carefully

You can't tilt the car to keep balance, so it's better to slow your vehicle's speed. Although this game's target is to reach the end of the road, don't just move forward. Sometimes, you have to step back to overcome difficulty. You can easily pass the first levels, but only pro players can conquer the later levels. Are you ready to put your driving skill to the test? Good luck!

How to drive with keyboard

Press the left arrow key to move backward and the right arrow key to move forward. Don't press the up or down arrows because the truck will easily turn over.

Why you should select Drive Mad

  • This game has very simple controls and retro graphics, so many players love this simple game.
  • Many levels with different challenges won't let you down. Each level will be named. For example, level 1 is first gear or Drive Mad lev 56 is Topple. You can discover many new things at a new level. How many levels can you get? Can you pass 100 levels?
  • The game offers a full-screen mode that can bring players the best experience.

Tips and tricks to play Drive Mad

  • I can't even pass level 3 because I'm not a pro driver. However, after I follow some tips here, I can improve my skills.
  • You must know your main mission at each level. They can crash through the brick, jump over the water, and so on.
  • The size and shape of your vehicle will change at some certain level.
  • Remember to keep the truck moving smoothly and don't be turned over. It sounds hard, doesn't it? However, this isn't the most difficult game on our website. You must try Geometry Dash Bloodbath to feel that this game isn't too hard.