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Geometry Rush


Welcome to the challenge of shooting triangles to hit the target in the new version of Geometry Rush. Rise to the top with quick reflexes and precise actions.

All games are aimed at a specific goal with defined tactics and plans. The Geometry Rush game is no exception. The goal of this game is to get the highest score to rise to the top by unlocking all the skins, discovering backgrounds and avatars, collecting coins, and avoiding obstacles.

The challenge of the game Geometry Rush is extremely difficult because you have to control your speed and reflexes but need the right timing and extreme precision.

An interface the player can see right when starting the game is an image of a triangle resting at the bottom and on both sides there is a row of jagged spikes approaching. Must quickly click the mouse to release the triangle to shoot out and fly to the target point. But it's not simple because above are square and rectangular obstacles that are moving chaotically. If the triangle collides with an obstacle, the game is over.

With such a difficult challenge, how many points are you confident you will win when playing Geometry Rush?Join this classic adventure.

Tips for Control

  • It is necessary to determine the exact moment to release the triangle.
  • Combine observation and timely response.
  • Stay calm and persevere if you lose.
  • Mastering the speed is like mastering the game.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.