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Fruit Ninja


Become a fruit-cutting master in the Fruit Ninja game with professional and precise cuts. Swing your blade and conquer all game modes with the highest score.

Fruit Ninja became a popular game and attracted billions of players, a huge number that speaks to the appeal and addiction of this game.

Fruit Ninja takes players into a world filled with fruits with vibrant colors from blue, red, purple, and yellow. Here you will have the opportunity to become a super expert at cutting fruit under a sharp blade with precise and skillful slashes.

The player's task is to slash all the fruits that appear on the screen. These are pears, apples, watermelons, bananas, coconuts, and countless other fruits. You will score high points if you can cut many fruits with a single cut. Build a strategy to get the most perfect cuts.

Be careful with the bombs. Avoid them to preserve your life. Every time you collide with a bomb, you will lose one life. Don't let the game end because of inaccurate cuts.

Be a Ninja with top swordsmanship talent in this addictive game.

Outstanding features

  • Sweet fruit with vibrant colors.
  • The game is fun and entertaining.
  • Bombs appearing suddenly create drama.
  • Attracts players with the scoring mechanism.

How to play

Use only the mouse to play.