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Geometry Dash Lite


Geometry Dash Lite provides a thrill to players. With 15 levels, this game is the best way to prove your skills. Jump and fly over obstacles cleverly.

Geometry Dash Lite gameplay

You do not only jump and overcome obstacles but also fly in the air. Thanks to these changing rules, many skillful players love this game. This is also a unique feature of the Geometry Dash games like Geometry Dash Bloodbath. Each level's stages will continue appearing when you go through a portal. You have no time to rest. Thus, prepare a steel mind before entering this game.

Jump over obstacles

This is too familiar to you, isn't it? You just need to press the left mouse button to jump over anything. If you jump too far or short, your geometry may collide with the spikes. In some tracks, gravity changes. Then the sky will change its position with the ground. You must jump the geometry on the sky. Moreover, the geometry will move from right to left instead of sliding from left to right. For some people, this is very hard to define dangers and reflex quickly because they are right-handed.

Fly over the dangers

After going through some portals, the geometry will change into fly mode. You can see the geometry is on a spaceship. Now, you must control this spaceship and fly through the tracks which are the same as the tubes. Above and below both contain deadly spikes. You need to be clever to move in the middle of these tubes.

Geometry Dash vs Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash is the original version of many other geometry dash games such as Geometry Dash Meltdown. If you want to play one of the most exciting games in this series, you should try Geometry Dash Lite. This lite version is improved with other features. Now, we will compare two versions here.

If you only can play 3 levels in Geometry Dash, you can even experience 15 levels in Geometry Dash Lite. With more levels, there are more choices for players. The level's difficulty also increases according to the number of stars in these levels.

You only have one character to play through the Geometry Dash game. However, tons of characters are available for you. Furthermore, you can even customize the character's color.


Thanks to the light graphics, this game can be played and accessed by even weak devices. Moreover, parents also can let their children play this game because this game can enhance their reflexes and control skills. What are you waiting for? Come to this game and show who you are!