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Protect My Dog


Some things about Protect My Dog

Your little dog is in danger in the Protect My Dog game. You will have to use your ability to draw and think logically to create solid walls to protect the dog.

Rescue the dog in Protect My Dog

Adorable dogs will sometimes be very naughty. From there, they will get into trouble with other animals. Specifically, in this game, the small dog made the bees angry. These bees want to attack and sting the dog. You need to protect him by drawing lines to form a wall to prevent the bee swarm. You need to think carefully and come up with a suitable strategy. Once you have drawn the line, it cannot be erased.

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How to save the dog

In this puzzle game, your task is to focus on protecting your little dog. The dog usually stands on various platforms next to dangerous spots like near beehives. So keep an eye on him and draw lines around him to protect him from those bees. You should pay attention to the platforms on which he is standing. Make sure he does not fall off the edge with the force of the bee. In addition, the platforms can also be a danger that you need to tackle. You will see your dog standing on the ground in the early levels. However, the dog can appear next to lava, water, or ice. Lava and water will make your dog disappear. The ice platforms will gradually melt over time. Therefore, you should be careful when drawing straight lines to avoid the dog touching these dangerous platforms. This game offers a total of forty fun levels to test your wits!

Tips to success in the Protect My Dog online game

If you want to conquer Protect My Dog online game, it's better to follow some tips here. I summarize some tricks for you here.

  • It is better to try to draw the shortest lines because the ink is limited. You can see the number on the top right corner of the screen. It shows the ink you have. Therefore, you shouldn't waste the ink.
  • Looking at the platforms and beehives before drawing the lines is very important. From that, you can have a great strategy to protect your dog.
  • Moreover, this game provides a full-screen mode that can bring the best game experience to players.
  • You will pass the levels when the bees can sting the dog for a certain time. The higher level will be more challenging than the previous levels. Good luck!

How to control

You just need to hold and swipe the mouse to draw. Remember that you release the mouse means stopping the draw line. Of course, you can continue to draw another line. What are you waiting for? Let's press the play button to have a great time.