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Ducklife 4


Play Ducklife 4 online now! You will train the most powerful duck. Then, your duck will participate in the racing tournament in Windmill. Are you ready?

You may hear about racing cars, horses, or boats. Have you ever heard about duck races? Of course, the ducks here aren't ducks in real life. I'm talking about Ducklife 4 where the biggest races of ducks in the virtual world. Besides this race, you also can enjoy another race in Geometry Dash Bloodbath where you can enjoy the best speed.

The Ducklife 4 plot

1 year after the ban on genetically modified ducks. One duck racer reigns supreme. It is up to you to beat him. So you want to be a duck trainer? Of course, you must face and battle many opponents with the same target as you. Therefore, you must enhance your duck's skills such as running, swimming, flying, climbing, jumping, and energy.

Prepare before the tournament

To win a tournament, you must practice hard and increase your duck skills levels. There are some steps to help you enhance your duck.

Create your own duck in Ducklife 4

In this game, you are able to customize your duck. Let's make your duck outstanding to the crowd. You can color your duck red, yellow, blue, etc. Your duck isn't only white as the typical ducks. How about the eyes? Do you love round eyes or sharp eyes? It's up to you. The special thing is that your duck has hairstyles and it's impossible to change them. Some tattoos will make your duck cooler. All these customizations here are available, so you don't need to pay any cash.

Doing running training duck life 4

Although your duck has a cool appearance, its skills are weak. Therefore, you must join the running training. When you are sent to the playfield, you will encounter a duck called Joe. Talk to Joe if you ever want to increase your running level. There are three main training lessons.

Running 1: You need to jump into the holes. Stay on screen as long as you can. Collecting the coins is necessary.

Running 2: Watch the warning signs and avoid hitting the falling objects

Running 3: Jump over the rocks by pressing the 1,2,3 and 4 keys.

Take part in Ducklife 4 tournament

Windmill in the distance is the tournament room. Tournaments have 3 races in a row, without a break. You can choose to use a different duck in each race as long as you have enough ducks. If you win a tournament, you unlock new areas and skills. To enter the tournament room, you must have an invite. You can win one from other racers. In the race, you must reach the finish line first to be the winner. You will be the final winner when you win more races. One note for you is that your opponents are very powerful. Therefore, you should guarantee to practice hard before entering the official tournament. You can get some useful items from the challengers on the way.