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Crossy Road


Crossy Road is an entertaining game where you have to control a chicken across the busy road. Be careful of many moving cars on the way! Good luck!

Crossy Road unblocked

On our website, you have a chance to experience the Crossy Road unblocked at school or even the offices. With unique graphics and simple control, children and adults can have a great time relaxing.

The different terrains in Crossy Road

In this game, you not only cross busy roads but also over rivers. On the road, you need to avoid the cars which are moving on one road. They can crush your character. You will find a space and the right time to move to another side. You can't wait until there are no cars because these vehicles will appear infinite. You need to be quick. The character will disappear on the screen if it doesn't move. Of course, the game will end.

What about the rivers? How to cross a river safely? There is no boat on the river but you can use the wood logs to reach the other side of the river. These logs float and slip away. Therefore, you need to estimate the time to jump on them. Don't float to the end of the river!

Play the Crossy Road game

You have two main missions: crossing the roads and collecting coins. Although reaching the destination is very important, collecting the coins is necessary.

Cross the roads

The vehicles won't stop for you to move through the road. Therefore, you have to manage to find the method. When there is no car on the lanes, let's go across it quickly. Observation and agility are very essential in this game. No levels exist, so you can play this game until the character hits the vehicle. Be careful with the trains! Look at the warning light to know when the train will come.

Get the coins

The coins will be scattered on the road. Let's grab them and buy some items. However, don't try to collect coins but forget about the safety of the character's life. You must restart the game if your character dies.

Crossy Road secret characters

You can explore many Crossy Road secret characters but only use the white chicken initially. When you complete a certain path, you can unlock new characters such as a rusty robot, lucky cat, mallard, and swift snail.

What are you waiting for? This game is much easier than Geometry Dash Bloodbath, and it has Minecraft graphics which are very attractive to children. However, grown-ups also love this arcade game.