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Blumgi Dragon


Blumgi Dragon is a fun game of rescuing dragons from enemies that bomb with fireballs. Enter the thrilling arena and win with strategy and courage.

Blumgi Dragon is a fun, highly competitive game created by game developer Blumgi. It can be played on any device you have such as a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. In each type of device, you will have different feelings, but basically, Blumgi Dragon will bring a feeling of fun, excitement, and enjoyment because of the explosions emitted and the super beautiful images.

The mission in this game is to participate in battles to rescue imprisoned dragons with the simplest gameplay: Click to release a fireball to shoot at the enemy.


  • Dragons are given a cute appearance.
  • The game can be played in single or multiplayer mode.
  • Teleport and shoot with simple controls.
  • Rescue the dragons from exploding bombs.


  • Master teleportation and the art of shooting.
  • Perfectly combine with friends in game modes.
  • Respond quickly to every situation with smart strategies. The arena can be controlled for the best dragon rescue.

How to play

Use the mouse.