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Dumb Ways to Die


Discover much different death in Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die offers various ways to die. Sometimes, you don't even think about it that way. Come and prevent characters from dying. Good luck!

Sometimes curiosity kills people. The characters in this game are very cute but they are too curious. They even can go to dangerous places to find out the fact. Danger always appears anywhere they come. Now, your mission is to keep them safe. This game always arranges hard situations for you to solve. Some situations can make you laugh. The children also can play this puzzle game because this game is designed with simple graphics and no bloody pictures.

Keep the characters safe in Dumb Ways to Die

The cute creatures are very silly. They can even get in the washing machine to test the engine while it is operating. Some situations can make you dizzy because it's very hard to pass over. The time to solve each problem is limited, so you need to be quick. When time's up and you find no method, the character will die. The character only has three lives. If the lives run out, the game will end immediately.

Some outstanding situations

Your character will fly to the galaxy and there are many meteorites around him. These meteorites can crush him into pieces. Therefore, you need to click on them to prevent them from accessing your character.

Your character is injured and needs surgery. Sew up your character's wounds. Hurry up before time runs out and he will bleed out.

A masked killer with a chainsaw in his hand is hunting your character in the dark. Now you have to find him and put him in jail before he can attack your character.

There are many other situations that can challenge any smart brain in the world. How many scores can you get in this game? You can make a record and defeat it by yourself.

Tips to conquer this Dumb Ways to Die game

Before starting a level, you can see some advice such as faster and faster, spin, etc. It's better to observe the situation and follow the clues.

You may face old situations when you restart the game. Of course, you can remember the method and overcome them easily. However, the order of these situations will change.

How to save Dumb Ways to Die character

You can use the mouse to play this game. With simple control, this puzzle game attracts many players from around the world. I know another game that only uses the mouse to control the character. That is Geometry Dash Bloodbath where you will challenge your agility.