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Going Ball


Going Ball requires you to roll the ball to reach the destination. The road will contain many potential dangers, so you must be careful. Take a blast!

Face Going Ball challenges

Your ball will roll into a narrow road as in Slope Ball This road is put in the sky which is covered by white clouds. If the ball falls into space, it will break. Therefore, you only keep the ball in the middle of the road. Many paths of road have no side barriers which easily lead the ball to fall into the sky. Thus, it's better to reduce the speed when coming close to this path. Moreover, the slopes or some blocks on the way are the problems you have to solve.

Roll the ball to the end

Reaching the finish line is to pass a level. The coins on the road are very useful for you, so let's grab them. Various ball skins can be purchased with coins in the shop. Do you have a chance to experience all skins here? The 3D graphics make each movement become realistic.

Game control

Use the up arrow to move forward

Press the down arrow to move backward

Use the left and right arrows to move left to right and vice versa.