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Capybara Clicker


Welcome to the game that is exploding on social networks called Capybara Clicker. Wear new skins with special effects to create capybaras in huge numbers.

Capybara Clicker is considered an extremely attractive and worthy idle game to play every day. The game creates special effects and has a strong influence on media and social networks. It created a craze in the gaming world not because of its difficulty. It's simply highly entertaining, relieving stress based on the simplest elements. Simple gameplay

to graphics and character creation.

The goal that players need to complete is to create as many capybaras as possible. Open up new interfaces with premium features. Explore and experience all kinds of weather from pleasant to harsh.

The most important thing is to regenerate energy, relieve stress, and have fun gaming moments.

Ways to create more capybaras

Players just need to click left or right to create adorable capybaras. The operation needs to be the fastest to create the largest number of capybaras in a short time.

Players can flexibly choose to click manually or automatically to create a capybara. Each mode will have different advantages and disadvantages. Play according to your preferences as long as you feel most comfortable.

Features of the game

  • The gameplay mechanism is easy and easy to control.
  • The graphics are extremely simple but create comfort.
  • The game creates special effects from character placement to graphics.
  • Lots of new interfaces to be explored.
  • Opportunity to play in many types of weather from rain, sun, wind, or snow.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.