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Slope Ball


About Slope Ball

Are you ready for a race in Slope Ball? You can switch shapes in this game. You have to jump over all deadly obstacles in this game. Good luck to you!

Your character is lost in a strange world that has thousands of dangers. You have to help it pass over all difficulties. Otherwise, it will be destroyed and the game will be over. Of course, this game requires agility and control skills. Your character will move very fastly. You have to control it to jump over as quickly as possible. The dark is covering this world. You need to save this world. Can you defeat many monsters along the road? From that, you can bring light to this world. Are you ready to solve problems on the way? Besides this game, we also provide another running game, Geometry Dash Bloodbath. You can explore the futuristic world in this game.

Jump over deadly traps in Slope Ball

In this game, you do not only face a lot of sharp spikes. You also pass over many monsters and saws. All of them can destroy your character with one touch. Therefore, you need to press the left mouse button or the up arrow to jump over them. You should have a quick look at the incoming obstacles before running. Then, you estimate the distance and have the correct jump. Your character can collide with obstacles if you jump too long or too short. This game isn't an endless game. You can reach the end of the road to level up.

Change the character in Slope Ball

In this game, you won't control a ball through this game. Your character will change into another shape when it goes through the portal. It can turn into a robot, UFO, cube, or saw. When it is in these shapes, the character's movement also changes. For example, the UFO can fly. You have to hold and release the left mouse button suitably to avoid touching the traps on the ground and ceiling. So, you should pay attention when playing this game to have correct control.

Moreover, this game also provides many skins for each shape. You can select your favorite skins before entering the race. The good news is all skins are available for you. It means you don't need to unlock or buy them. Just click on your favorite skin to choose it.

Game control

You can click the left mouse button, the space bar or the up arrow to jump over.

Tips and tricks to conquer Slope Ball

  • You need to press the button to jump before touching the obstacles.
  • Calculate the distance between the character and the obstacle to have great jumps.
  • The game has three stages for you to challenge yourself. They are Xpart, Truth, Dark Trip. If you are a beginner, you should try Xpart first. Dark Trip is the most difficult stage in this game.
  • Playing in the full-screen can bring a great feeling to you. You can observe incoming and terrains clearlier.