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Merge Fruits


Discover the mysteries of the fruit world after each merge with the Merge Fruits game. Enjoy the lively sounds and wait for the giant watermelon to appear.

Merge Fruits takes players into a world of colorful fruits. Where you have the opportunity to listen and witness the explosions of fruit as they interact with each other. Where you will be surprised to see other fruits born from mergers. Where you can see with your own eyes the birth of watermelon. That is also the ultimate goal that players aim for. Get the highest score and create the most watermelons.

The game is extremely attractive with bright, eye-catching graphics that are not at all dazzling and do not cause discomfort. The sound is extremely pleasant, creating great motivation to help players want to conquer the highest peaks that the game aims for.

Players take turns dropping fruit into the box. Choose a location for dropping and dropping strategically. Whether or not you can create a watermelon depends on your ability and the strategy you use.

The game is not difficult but requires perseverance, subtle observation, and a head with careful and sharp thinking.

Tips and tricks

  • Must comply with the rules of the game.
  • Pay attention to the fruit combination formula to make the right combination decisions.
  • Determine strategy and plan implementation.
  • Arrange fruit in the most scientific way.

How to play

Use the mouse to Merge Fruits.