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Bloxd io


Bloxd io is a game platform where you can experience many different mini-games. Now, let's select one of them and all are available for you.

I'm sure Minecraft is too familiar to gamers around the world. You can even build your own world in this game. With pixel graphics, this game is affected by much of the graphics of Minecraft. However, this game is different from other normal Minecraft games.

Bloxd io unblocked

The glad information is you players can experience this game anywhere they want. From that Bloxd io unblocked attracts more players in all age groups. I think that this game is one of the must-try games in the world.

Rumor of Bloxd io 2

Many players whisper that Bloxd io 2 is going to be released next year. However, until now, the developer has not replied about the second version. Therefore, we will immediately update the best version to players. Now, you should try the original version while waiting for the new version. I'm sure this original won't let you down.

Bloxd io game modes

To avoid boredom, the developers improve many different modes in this game. There are a lot of modes for players. Each mode will have a different gameplay and background. Now, I just walk through some outstanding modes.


You will be sent into an open world where you have to fight other players. You only kill them to survive. This mode is a great way to prove your fight skills.

Bloxd io Peaceful

As the name of this game, you only collect the elements by mining them. Then, you will use them to build your world. This mode has peaceful gameplay because there is no battle.


Instead of collecting the blocks as in Peaceful mode, you will own infinite blocks in this mode. Therefore, your only work is to show off your creation by building huge structures.

Bloxd io Evil Tower

Climb your way to the top of a randomly generated tower with absolutely no checkpoint. There are some other players who will compete with you. Can you reach the top first?

BloxdHop mode

In this game, your mission is to jump on your way through varied parkour maps.

This game can satisfy all your demands of an online game. However, if you want more speed and thrill, why don't you try Geometry Dash Bloodbath. I think you can't even pass the first stage of that game.