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Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow


Explore Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow with many colors! Jump and jump continuously in this game to avoid obstacles and traps. Ready for racing!

Ways to pass a level in Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow

Firstly, you have to select your character. Then, start the run and reach the end of the road.

Click to jump

The Geometry Dash games always have simple gameplay. The keyword to success in these games is overcoming all obstacles. Many sharp spikes are on the way and they can destroy your square easily. Moreover, when the square collides with any blocks on the road, it also can be broken. The speed of the square will increase, so you must reflex quickly. Many levels with different challenges are waiting for you and they need to be unlocked one by one. How many levels can you pass?

Choosing Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow

You can select Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow characters, but they are available. However, they aren't available and you need to open them with the energy dots. You can collect these dots on the way.

What you may not know about Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow

This is one of the Geometry Dash versions which is created with more colors than the normal version. Therefore, it's called Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow. You also can enjoy Dash which is another version of the fast-paced game.