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Dash brings new graphics for the classic game. Control a geometry to jump over many stairs and blocks in this game. Only pro players can conquer this game.

Enjoy the Geometry Dash version

Geometry Dash is too familiar to many gamers globally. The main character in this game is a square. With thousands of fan-made levels, you also can know the popularity of this game. Today, I will introduce a unique Dash version that is different from the others. This installment is called Dash Game.

What made Dash different

In the normal graphics, you experience the simple graphics and the game only pays attention to the gameplay. However, in the Dash game, the graphics and attractive gameplay are both invested. Each detail and character is designed with 3D graphics which bring the best experience for players.

Game control

You just need to click on the left mouse button to jump on. There is another game with simple control like this. It's Death Run 3D where you challenge your speed and agility.

Jump and jump continuously in Dash

In this game, your only action is jumping. The high stairs are put on the way and the keyword to pass them is on time. As soon as you come close to the stairs, jump over them.