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Nitro Speed


Drive your favorite car

You can drive the coolest cars in Nitro Speed. There are two modes for you to choose from. Earn a lot of money to customize your car. Have fun!

Graphics in fantasy racing games will never let you down. In this game you can see every detail is designed with 3D style. So they are very real. Your car is also extremely realistic. Let's change your car into different colors in this game. I think anyone can enjoy the breakneck speed in this game.

Choose one of two modes in Nitro Speed

As I mentioned, you have two options which are free mode and traffic mode. Let's see what the difference is between the two modes.

Free mode

In this mode, there are no vehicles on the road. There is only your car in a big city. You can drive as you like. Make some awesome drifts in this mode. If you just want to see and discover the landscape, this mode is for you.

Traffic mode

This mode is harder than the free mode because many moving vehicles are on the road. Therefore, you have to avoid them. However, your car is fine if you hit the others. This mode brings more chances to earn money for you.

Use the keyboard to drive the car

Use the left and right arrows to turn left or right and press the up and down arrow to move backward and forward in Nitro Speed. You can enjoy another speed game called Vex Challenges on our site.