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Vex Challenges


Explore stickmen world

Accompany stickmen to pass many Vex Challenges! Tons of deadly traps are waiting for you to conquer. You just need to reach an exit door at the end of the road.

Stickmen is very famous for many different journeys. He has to solve many problems. Now, he has a new adventure in this game. You will control him to get the victory. The gameplay is addictive and can unwind. The unique background also is one of the outstanding features of this game. You also can explore another world in Space Shooter.

Reach the Vex Challenges' finish line

The road from the start point to the exit door isn't too far. However, it contains many obstacles and traps. They can crush your stick man if they touch them.

Jump over obstacles

The deadly objects are the red saws which are put along the road. Let's jump over them to keep your character safe. Don't forget to utilize some special platform! For example, the yellow blocks can bounce your character higher.

Collect start

In this game, the stars are very important. You just need them to unlock some new skins in the shop. The stars are on the road and each level has three stars. Of course, you also don't need these stars to pass a level.

Look at the timer in Vex Challenges

This game is different from the other Vex game because it has limited time. Therefore, players must be quick if they want to pass a level. Don't try to get stars when you don't have much time. The time's up while you are still on the road, so you will lose Vex Challenges.