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Space Shooter


Shoot up paper aliens

Space Shooter is a fun shooting game based on a shooting game in real life. This game requires your aiming and shooting skills to defeat targets.

Aim at moving aliens

This game simulates a game console that contains many paper aliens. Of course, these aliens won't stop. They will move continuously, so it's hard to aim and shoot correctly. You need to estimate their movement and their inertia to shoot accurately. Sometimes, you need to aim at the position which is a bit away from the alien.

The unlimited bullets

You even can shoot nonstop because the bullets are infinite. Therefore, you don't need to load bullets. Try your best to get as many scores as possible. You can challenge your friends. Whoever gets a higher score is the winner.

Tips and tricks to conquer Space Shooter

  • Before playing this game, many people thought that it's easy. However, they will change their points after entering the game. The speed of these aliens are increasingly faster. Some aliens move with the unpredicted directions. Therefore, you must observe their movement and direction first.
  • You even can shoot continuously until you hit the aliens because you have infinite bullets. Hope these tips are useful for you. Besides this game, I also offer another shooting game called Brick Breaker Bash. Have fun!