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Mummy Candies


Reel the candies under the ground

Mummy Candies is about a mummy who loves candies. He only takes candies under the ground. Let's use the rope to hook as many candies as possible.

You may know children love sweets. Do you know the mummy hobby? In this game, the mummy loves candies too. However, you can go to the store to buy sweets. Therefore, it will take many candies in the ground. You will help it with its rope. Drop the rope to hook the sweet. You only need to click the left mouse button to drop. You must aim correctly to the candies.

Hook the big candies in Mummy Candies

You can see many different candies in the game. The shapes and sizes of them are different. It's up to the size of these sweets and their cost will be different. The bigger candies are, the more worthy they are. Therefore, it's better to reel the big sweets

The problems you have to face

Although the big candies are very valuable, it takes you a lot of time to pull them up. If you only have a short time left, you should reel the small sweet. Don't hook the rock or bone because you only sell them at a low price.

Complete the given score

In each level, you have to collect enough score which is given in the right corner. The time is limited, so you must be quick. Try your best to hook all the valuable things. After that, you can move to Ninja Run to help a ninja who wants to overcome many deadly obstacles.