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Ninja Run


Become a ninja

Ninja Run turns you into a ninja with a jumping ability. You can move from one platform to another platform by jumping. Let's make some awesome jumps here.

Ninjas have always possessed great skills. You may remember the ninja's ability to wield swords or darts. However, I'm sure ninjas can dance very well too. This has been proven in the game Ninja Run. You will control the ninja to overcome many deadly traps of the enemy. You even earn interesting items along the way.

How to play Ninja Run

You will probably find this game very easy to control. However, you will find it very difficult to conquer. This game is endless, so you must try to go as far as possible. To be able to do this, you need to have good control and estimation skills.

Ensure the safety of the ninja

Ninja always has many enemies and they have set traps in his way. You can see dynamite barrels or spikes. Touching them can cause your ninja to die. In addition, the platforms will be far apart. If you jump at the wrong time and place, he may fall into the water.

Collect items along the way

You will probably see stars or yellow rings. They are very precious so please collect them. However, collecting them is not a must. You need to put safety first. In addition, you can track the stats on the screen to see how far you have traveled and how many points you have.

Game control

You will click the left mouse button to help the ninja jump up. He can bounce in the air with a double click. When you want to jump long, do this in the air. We also want to introduce you to the Jungle Boy game that has similar controls.