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Jungle Boy


Help the forest boy

Jungle Boy is a running and jumping game where you must help a boy escape from a valley. Many deadly traps are put along the way. So, be careful!

A small boy was trapped in an endless valley. He has the ability to climb on vertical objects. Take advantage of this to be able to climb up vertical walls. On these walls, wooden spikes and spikes will appear continuously. Dodge them before they hurt the boy.

How to play Jungle Boy

This game has very simple rules, children can also play this game. However, it is extremely difficult to get a high score. You must have excellent control skills and fast observation. Now let's explore the gameplay of this game

Avoid the dangers

As mentioned, sharp knives will be your obstacle in this game. With just one collision, your character will fall instantly. Sometimes sharp spikes appear in your way. However, sometimes they will be located in the ground making it difficult for you to see. Your character will automatically move forward. So you just need to help him avoid the obstacles.

Collect gold coins

Besides the difficulty, you will see gold coins. Collect them to improve your score. However, don't try to pick them all up because your character will be in danger. This game is endless. You can play it until your character has an accident.

Game control

You just need to left click to make the character jump from side to side. Only then can he avoid a collision with an obstacle. Controls of this game will be as easy as Layers Roll. Good luck!