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Layers Roll


Relax your mind with this fun game

Layers Roll is a running game where you will roll many layers on the way. You should reach the destination with the highest score. Let's join this fun race!

People often choose games with simple graphics and gameplay to enjoy when they feel tired. Hard-speed games like G Switch wouldn't be a priority at times. Instead, the Layers Roll will bring comfortable moments for them. This game is a combination of a stickman game and a running game. Stickman will participate in this unique race. There will be no competition for you but you will still have to go through some challenges.

Roll layers in Layers Roll

In this game you will control a unique stickman. This stickman will not run directly on the road but he runs in a circle. This circle is made up of many colorful layers. These layers are like a shield for your character.

Get through hard times

No road is flat and the tracks in the layers Roll also contain a lot of obstacles. Machines shaped like escalators will make you lose layers. Also, if you collect the wrong layer with a different color than the color of your circle, you will also lose the layer on the circle. High walls standing in the middle of the road can cause your stickman to fall. So, stay away from all of the above obstacles.

Collect gold coins

You can use gold coins to buy new characters. These characters will have a face with eyes, nose, and mouth. Where can you get these gold coins? You can grab them right on the way you go. Let's run over the gold coins to collect them. In addition, when you reach the finish line, you will go one more distance. This extra ramp will contain many gold coins and no obstacles. The bigger your class circle, the further you will go. Of course, the number of coins you earn will be more.