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G Switch


Enjoy the best speed in G Switch! The game is set up in the future when you only see the robot. You are one of the robots and join in an interesting race.

Three modes in G Switch

To avoid boredom when playing this game, the developers decided to create 3 game modes in this game. At the start of the game, you have to choose a game mode including Single Player Mode, Endless Mode, or Multiplayer Mode.

  • To play single-player mode, simply press the Play button on the screen. In this mode, you will have to complete the levels by reaching a new checkpoint. There will be a lot of levels in this mode. How many levels can you pass? We are waiting for your reply.
  • In endless mode, you will run until you die. Of course, it will have no end. You just have to try to score as many points and run as far as you can.
  • Multiplayer mode allows you to play with 7 other players on the same screen. This is probably the feature that sets the G Switch 3 game apart from other running games. Who will win this race? One more thing, you can fight against the CPU instead of your friends.

More information about G Switch

  • This game was created with HTML5 technology, so you can play this game directly on your mobile or desktop. It means you don't need to install this game.
  • With easy gameplay and simple control, children also can play this game. They can have a relaxing time with this game. Moreover, they can improve their reflexes and concentration.
  • The game offers three modes to players which are single-player mode, endless mode, and multiplayer mode. You can play alone, join an endless race or compete with your friends on a computer.
  • The game was developed with impressive graphics which can attract any player. You can see many cool robots and modern roads in this game.
  • This game not only brings many great times to the player, but you also can exercise your skills. You may play many times. The more time you play, the more experience you get.