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Jugar Snake


Back to the snake game in the past

Jugar Snake reminds you of a classic snake game. In this game, you still follow the familiar rules. The simple graphics also attract you for hours. Have fun!

I guess everyone knows the Nokia snake game. Previously, this game came pre-installed on Nokia phones. Therefore, this game is familiar to many people even though they do not love playing online games. Today, the game Jungar Snake will recreate a classic game from the past.

The graphics of Jugar Snake

The graphics of this game are extremely minimalistic and are mainly created using basic geometry. However, this version is improved compared to the classic version in color. Instead of only black and moon, this game is created with more eye-catching colors.

How to play Jugar Snake

Many people will not need this tutorial alone. However, I will still guide some newbies here.

Collect green blocks

There will be green blocks appearing on the screen. You will probably see them in different locations. You just have to go through them to absorb them. They will appear one by one. These blocks help your snake become longer. Naturally, the longer it is, the harder it is to move.

No collision

Your snake is very weak. If it hits the barriers in the playground, it will also be destroyed. In addition, it is not possible to stab yourself into the body of a snake. The above two will make you end the game in no time. Moreover, you may like the ice cream's adventure in Bad Ice Cream.