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Bad Ice Cream


Ice cream adventure

Play Bad Ice Cream online now! Ice cream needs your help because it must collect all the fruits. Many enemies move around the map. What should you do now?

There are many adventure games with different characters like the mischievous boy in Subway Surfers Chicago. Characters can be warriors, animals, or monsters. However, have you ever seen the adventure of ice cream? If not, you should try this game right away. The background of this game will be cold places. Are you ready for this adventure?

How to pass Bad Ice Cream levels

This game offers a lot of different levels for players. They must try to be able to complete each level in a certain time. What do you need to do now?

Eat all the fruit

There will be a lot of fruit scattered on the screen. You have to collect them all to level up. These fruits will be in different locations. Move quickly and skillfully to catch them.

Dodge the enemy

Besides fruits, there are many enemies on the map. Don't be flatted by them! Pay attention to their movement to dodge them. If you touch them, you lose.

Bad Ice Cream character's ability

Our character is not just an ordinary ice cream. It can destroy ice blocks or create them. Don't forget to take advantage of this ability to eat fruit and block enemies from approaching you. You just need to master this skill, this game will not be too difficult for you. Alternatively, you can choose the single-player mode or play with your friend in two-player mode.

Game control

  • Player 1 uses arrow keys to move and press the spacebar to create or destroy ice blocks.
  • Player 2 uses WASD to move and press the F key to create or destroy ice blocks.