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Subway Surfers Chicago


World Tour in Chicago

Run and run in Subway Surfers Chicago! You must dodge any objects along the way. If you hit them, the station guard will capture you. Take a blast now!

I'm sure that many players get used to Subway Surfers World Tour versions set up in many famous destinations worldwide. Now, the background is Chicago which is on Lake Michigan in Illinois. You can see the beautiful scenes only in Chicago. Although the background is changed, the addictive gameplay is still kept. What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy this game now. I'm sure you will be impressed with the eye-catching graphics. You also can visit Bali through Subway Surfer Bali.

How to play Subway Surfers Chicago

This game isn't too easy for newbies because it's an endless game. You must run and run until you hit the obstacles. You can make a record and put your name on a leaderboard as long as you get a high score. Now, what should you do in this game?

Run and keep safe

There are tons of obstacles such as coming trains, and the barriers on the way. Now, your character will run nonstop and you just navigate this little boy. When he comes close to the obstacles, let's jump or slide over them. You can jump over trains or short barriers. However, be careful with high barriers! You must reflex as quickly as possible because the speed of the character will be faster and faster.

Grab useful things

You can see many coins on the way. You can collect them to buy some upgrades or change new characters in the shop. Besides coins, support items such as boost sneakers, power backpacks, magnets, and so on are very useful for your adventure. Sometimes, trying to collect them can put your character in danger.