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BMX Offroad Trial Stunts


Experience BMX Offroad Trial Stunts now! You can immerse yourself into a 3D world in which each detail is very realistic. Collect given coins to pass a level!

Ride on a bike in BMX Offroad Trial Stunts

Everybody thinks that riding a bike is an easy activity. You may always go to school by bike. However, riding a bike on a high mountain with unfair paths is very difficult. Now, you have to complete this mission in the virtual world. Don't fall down unless you want to end the game. You also can drive a car in Drift Boss instead of riding a bike.

Complete BMX Offroad Trial Stunts mission

This game's main mission is to collect enough coins along the road. This mission isn't too hard if you move on a fair road. However, the terrains here are mountains, so you must face the tough paths. When you see the coins, you just need to go through them to collect them. You should notice some things to conquer this game.

Follow the mini maps

To define the coins' positions, you can look at the map on the screen. The coin symbol will appear on the map and you just need to come to that location.

Look at the timer

You only have three minutes to collect all the coins. In the higher levels, there are more coins but the timer doesn't increase. Therefore, don't try to explore the mountain, you need to pay attention to completing the mission.