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Adventure Drivers


Racing on all roads

Adventure Drivers will create many races with many opponents for you. Take first place in the race and you will receive a lot of attractive gifts in this game!

Intense car races always attract many players. Instead of racing against time in Uphill Racing 2, you can race against many other opponents. Everyone wants to win first prize. However, only the best racer can do this. Will you win?

Take first place in races in Adventure Drivers

There will be 5 riders in a race. Your road will not be as flat as the F1 races. The bumps and slopes will make your car difficult to move.

Jump over the obstacles

Wooden crates, gas tanks, etc. can slow down the car door speed. So you should jump over them. Of course, they can't destroy your car. You can also bounce over ramps if necessary.


You can boost your car's speed for a short period of time. This is your chance to beat your opponent. You cannot use regular speed boost.

Throw bomb

To attack the vehicle in front of you, throw bombs at it. Although the bomb won't detonate them, it will slow them down. In addition, you can also use shields to protect your vehicle from obstacles or enemy bombs.

Buy some things with coins

You can collect many coins along the road. Then, let's go to the shop to buy some cars and upgrade. The cars in the shop have different features. The more expensive cars are, the more powerful they are. You also can level up your car features such as top speed, acceleration, handling and armor. Moreover, you also can get some treasure after completing a race in Adventure Drivers.