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Uphill Racing 2


Join the race in this game

Uphill Racing 2 allows you to participate in races where you try to go as far as possible. Earn lots of gold coins to unlock new things in this game.

An intense race took place here. You will not race against opponents like in Kart Racing Pro. You will be the only racer on this endless road. Of course, your mission is not to take the lead. Try to speed up to move as far as possible. You can even use the money you earn to upgrade your car.

Drive as far as possible in Uphill Racing 2

Although the road is endlessly long, the vehicle fuel is limited. So, as soon as the fuel runs out, your car will stop. Try to move as far as you can.

Keep the bike balanced

Bumpy roads can cause your vehicle to overturn. Then, you will have no way to continue the race. So, when the car shows signs of being about to overturn, you should slow down or stop. Vehicle safety is always a top priority.

Upgrade your device

Before entering a race, you can buy some upgrades of fuel, engine, tires, and stability. These upgrades will help your car be more powerful. It can move for a long distance without running out of fuel. Of course, you have got enough coins to buy something.

Unlock new cars and tracks

The number of coins you have is not only to upgrade the features of the car, you can buy a new car. Each new car will give you 40 different levels. Plus, you can even unlock tracks with the coins you have in Uphill Racing 2.