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Vex 8


Hone your timing skills with the new infinite mode in Vex 8. Immerse yourself in an animated world with smooth controls and overcome difficult obstacles.

Vex 8 is a new version, the 8th version in the Vex game series in the genre of thrilling platform games with countless obstacle challenges.

Vex 8 gives players the experience of taking advantage of old and new mechanics to reach the green portal at different levels, practice their skills,, and conquer all challenges. The refinement of graphics and intuitive controls is also a positive plus point of Vex 8.

Players can try out all available skins and unlock them with the appropriate currency. Including silver and gold VIP cards are the two newly updated currencies.

The game has 9 levels of play. The player's goal is to reach the green gate in each level safely.

Some tips for you to win the game:

  • It takes practice to create success.
  • Choose the right time to move.
  • Observe and persevere.

How to play

Use the WASD keys or arrow keys.