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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!


Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! brings a vibrant, attractive, and engaging EDM music space. Control the ball to dance to the rhythm of the song and go as far as possible.

If you are a lover of vibrant music and like to conquer challenges to create music with a personal touch, then the game Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! is the top choice.

The player's goal is to complete tracks with different melodies while navigating the bouncing ball to the beat of the song. The ball will bounce on the platforms one after another in orbit and music will sound. You will fail if you miss a platform, the ball falls into space.

To win the game, concentration is still the key factor. Be confident to complete the tracks.

Basic features:

  • The game brings a relaxing, pleasant feeling with EDM music.
  • New EDM tracks are updated promptly.
  • The music matches the colors and atmosphere.
  • A gentle rhythm resonates every time the ball touches the base

How to play

Use the mouse.