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Spiral Roll


Show dexterity and patience to create spirals with a sharp gouge in the Spiral Roll game. Overcome obstacles, collect coins, and score points with mega spirals.

Spiral Roll is inspired by carpentry. A profession that requires perseverance and dexterity along with excellent tool use skills. It seems simple but it is not, when we start working we can feel how difficult it is.

The player owns an extremely sharp chisel. Control this chisel along the wooden slats to plan them into magical spirals. The chisel running continuously on the wood will create an extremely large spiral. It helps players break down walls and reach the finish line with a very high score.

The game will increase in difficulty when obstacles appear. Be careful to control your chisel and to avoid breaking it, absolutely do not hit hard or metal obstacles. Just observe and react quickly by releasing the left mouse button when you see gold coins and metal obstacles such as saws, and iron bars...

Players can upgrade their chisel with a new look when gaining accumulated points.

The extremely interesting thing that Spiral Roll brings is the opportunity to open extremely eye-catching wallpaper interfaces if you pass 5 consecutive levels. Very attractive so players have the motivation to explore and conquer.


  • Feeling relaxed and comfortable while playing
  • Easy control and playing mechanism.
  • Increase difficulty with each level.
  • Practice perseverance and ingenuity.

How to play

Use the mouse to play and create spirals.