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Run 3


Run 3 is a platform to explore a beautiful galaxy. You will play as an alien who will run continuously in a special tube. You have to face many difficulties.

The Run 3

Play The Run 3 to discover the large universe. This game will allow you to play in a gorgeous galaxy. You can see many sparkling stars in the sky. You will control the alien to overcome all obstacles and traps along the road. This game requires agility and great control skills. You have to change the alien's direction to avoid the gaps and weak platforms. When playing this running game, you can see a tube that includes many platforms. Don't pay attention to the stars or dark sky. You must concentrate on all problems on the road. Prepare for a thrilling race now!

Run 3 the game challenges the pro players

Run3 the game is considered one of the hard games in the world. In this game, you have to tackle many problems along the way. You run in a tube, so there isn't a flat. Moreover, there are some ramps in some parts of the tube. Besides, your character will run automatically and quickly. You just need to navigate the character's direction. Of course, you must have a quick look at incoming traps and have a suitable plan. Estimating the distance between the alien and the obstacles to having great jumps is essential. Otherwise, you may jump too long or too short to pass over obstacles or traps.

Tackles problems in Run 3

You have two ways to get over any difficulties on the road. The first one is to jump over them. Calculate the distance and look at the obstacles, then jump correctly. The more quickly the character runs, the further he jumps. Of course, his speed will increase gradually. Therefore, you need to be aware of this feature. If the gap is too large, you can change the other sides. Finding smooth sides without big gaps or weak platforms is better. You can combine two ways to conquer this game. If you want to explore another world, you can join an adventure in Geometry Dash Bloodbath. You will play as a robot with special abilities in this game.

Game control

  • Up arrow to jump
  • Right arrow to move right
  • Left arrow to move left.

Run 3 unblocked

On our website, Run 3 unblocked is available and it even contains many unique features. I'm sure this game won't let you down. Now, let's learn more about this unblocked game.

  • This game has two modes which are adventure and infinite. In adventure, you can run and discover many new maps in this game. Each map is considered a level. How many levels can you pass? The maps will be combined in infinite mode. Of course, you have to run in an endless tube in this mode.
  • The game allows you to choose one of six characters. All of them are very unique and adorable. However, only one character is available. The other characters need to be unlocked. Complete some maps and missions to unlock them. Good luck!
  • The game's graphics are impressive. You can see the large galaxy with thousands of sparkling stars. The maps also are designed with different challenges and colors.