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Pizza Tower


Pizza Tower is about an adventure of a pizza chef into a pizza tower next to his pizzeria. Fight Pizzaface to protect the character's store!

How to play Pizza Tower

You will have two main missions in this game. Saving the little characters and beating the boss and their servants are what you need to do.

Save the tiny characters

The characters are arrested in the pizza tower and Peppino - the main character need to rescue them. Just break the wall around them and they will follow you. Go through the exit at the end of the road to advance the level. Be careful with some enemies on the road! Let's boost the speed and run through them to clear them.

Fight the boss

The small enemies along the road of each floor aren't the final boss. You only face to face the boss when you are at the end of the road. The game has five levels and each of them has one powerful boss. Each boss will have different power and ability. You need to avoid their attack and find their weakness to beat them.

How to control the Peppino character

  • Press the Z to jump
  • The X key to boost the speed
  • The arrow keys to move the character.
  • The down arrow to crouch. Hold the down arrow, then press the Z key to jump higher.