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Pink Running Pig


Help the pig in Pink Running Pig! A butcher is chasing a poor pig and it needs to escape from the dangerous man. Run and don't stop! Be aware of obstacles!

The Pink Running Pig plot

A pig is eating on the farm and the butcher comes to its barn with a sharp knife. It knows that the danger is coming close and it must run to stay alive. Then, the escape starts. The butcher will chase right behind the pig. If the pig gets stuck in some object, the butcher will immediately catch it.

Escape from Pink Running Pig butcher

This is an endless runner, so you just try your best to move as far as possible. Of course, you have to solve many problems on the way.

Objects on the road

Many wood springs can bounce your pig jump higher. Collecting the coins is an important activity. Moreover, don't get into the trap which can capture your pig. When the pig speed down, the warning will appear. It means that he is close to the pig. Sometimes, he even throws a knife at your pig, so avoid it.

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