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Nyan Cat Fly


Discover the universe

Nyan Cat Fly is set in a vast universe where you will meet many powerful bosses. You must destroy them to protect the peace of the universe.

The vast universe is always the context that many game developers aim for. Here, many fictional wars took place. This game also talks about an interesting fight of a special cat. Your cat will have an extremely strong fighting power. It was sent out into space to fight dangerous enemies. Besides, the universe also contains many obstacles. Use your weapons to clear the way. You can even earn a lot of gold coins.

Show off your shooting skills with Nyan Cat Fly

Instead of aiming correctly or clicking to fire, you only need to move the cat. It can shoot enemies automatically. However, it only stands in a position if you don't move it. Of course, staying still for a long time can be attacked by enemies

Destroy the blocks

Many blocks are built on your way. They can kill your cat if it touches them. Let's break them with bullets. The blocks will become more and more strong, so you must use more bullets to destroy them. You can see their power point on their surface. Moreover, these blocks can drop many coins when they disappear.

Shoot down enemies

Besides blocks, many other animals such as rabbits, pigs, spiders, and so on are your enemies. They will release rockets aimed to kill you. You need to avoid the rockets and attack them back. Of course, when these enemies fall down, you will get a huge amount of coins.

What you can do with Nyan Cat Fly coin

The coins you collect from the battles are very useful. You can use them to upgrade your weapon. You can increase the number of bullets. Your gun can even fire four rounds at the same time. Moreover, the new skins are also unblocked with coins. All of these skins are very cute.