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Koala Sling


Koala Sling is an adventure to conquer the highest peak of the Koala bear. Swing and bounce from one position to another. Collect coins and unlock new skins.

Koala Sling will provide a lively, fun environment with the koala's jumping and swinging actions to different positions arranged everywhere. Jump from bottom to top and make sure not to fall out of safe spots. Try to conquer the highest peak by overcoming all the obstacles.

When making successful jumps, players have the opportunity to collect coins and unlock an attractive interface with this money. New skins can be panda, Mr Crab, Octopus, Alien, and Mrs Yeti.

The gameplay is very simple, but to drag and launch the koala up high and to the right position requires precision and determination. The wrong location will cause the koala to fall into the abyss. Dangers such as fire and crushed blocks are always threatening, players need to be skillful to avoid them.


  • Koala Sling is highly entertaining.
  • The character interface is familiar and customizable.
  • Attractive gameplay with endless challenges.
  • The game is highly competitive.

How to play

Use the mouse.