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Geometry FreezeNova


Geometry FreezeNova is a rhythm game consisting of 10 levels with extremely thrilling challenges. Use precision to overcome obstacles to complete the mission.

Entering the world of Geometry FreezeNova is dramatic, suspenseful, tense, and feels like freezing in a space filled with challenges. But it has a strong attraction, urging players to conquer all obstacles, break all their limits, and reach the peak of glory when completing all levels of the game.

With the task of controlling a cube to overcome different platforms and obstacles, players need to move gently, and accurately and have a clear route to successfully complete 10 levels:

  • Spikes Frenzy.
  • Glowing Boost.
  • Orbital Thrust.
  • Gravity Chaos.
  • Universe of Chaos.
  • Blue Rush.
  • Jumping.
  • Black and White.
  • Flash Frenzy.
  • Final Lap.

To conquer these 10 levels, players need strategy and almost absolute precision.

Clear spatial awareness. Be ready to face frozen obstacles, which will make moving more difficult. The difficulty increases with each level, but in return, you will be immersed in the geometric world and visually stunning environment.

How to play

Use the mouse.