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Dinosaur Game


Enjoy the classic running game

Dinosaur Game brings you to the game of the 90s with retro graphics. You will navigate a small dino that is running on the endless road. Have fun!

Perhaps you already know this simple retro dinosaur game through the Chrome browser. This game will appear when your Internet connection is unstable. Then you can play this game offline. With the goal of killing time, this game has become popular again and is included in the list of online games. Now you can play this game without disconnecting from the Internet. If you like the colorful graphics, you can try Hill Climb Racing.

Guide to Play Dinosaur Game

I think everyone knows the rules of this game. However, I will still go through some of the rules of this game. Hope to help you.

Avoid all obstacles

In this game, the number of obstacles is endless. You can just try to avoid them as much as possible. The groves of dragons and birds overhead will block your way. If your dinosaur touches them, the game will be over. The speed of the dinosaur will increase faster and faster. So you also have to react faster and faster.

Some tips and tricks for Dinosaur Game

  • You should jump when you are about to approach an obstacle. Jumping doesn't always get you through everything. When necessary, press the down arrow to duck!
  • You will only cover a short distance when you first play. However, if you practice every day. You can make a record in this game. Don't forget to share this fun online game with your friends.