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Angry Birds


The classic game Angry Birds is back on our website. In this game, you will use birds to shoot the green pigs. Show off your aiming and shooting skills!

Perhaps I think this classic game is already very familiar to everyone. The cartoon graphics in this game are also extremely eye-catching. It is also very suitable for gamers of all ages. Your task in this game is to destroy the green pigs on the screen. If you cannot complete this mission, you will not be able to level up. You will probably find the task not too difficult. But you will have a different view when you play at high level.

Destroy the invading pigs in Angry Birds

The birds became indignant when their territory was occupied by an army of pigs. These green pigs have built bases right in the birds' territory. You will help the birds take down these pigs.

Aim properly at the enemy base

The pigs used wood and stone to make their temporary bases. Angry birds can destroy this place with their power. You will put them on the big crossbow and shoot them. The birds are powerful bullets and can destroy any enemy. However, you need to adjust the shooting angle accordingly.

Don't let any enemies escape

The invaders are very clever as they hide in the base. You will probably have to spend a lot of heroes to be able to take down the base first. If the base collapsed, the pigs could also be crushed. However, they can also only have minor injuries. If your army runs out of warriors and the enemy is still alive, you lose this game. So don't let anyone escape.

Unlock many stages and levels in Angry Birds

You can experience 3 different stages if you have enough stars to open them. The stages are Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax and Danger Above. Each stage will take you to a different space with the same gameplay. Of course, there will be many levels in each of these stages for you to conquer. If you can complete all of them, challenge yourself with the game Geometry Dash Bloodbath.

Game control: you just need to mouse to adjust the angle and power to shoot in Angry Bird.