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Cubes 2048.io


Battle of numbers

Cubes 2048.io is a multiplayer game for all players of all ages. In this game, you will navigate your blocks to move and attack the other player's blocks.

You've probably seen a warrior's battle in Recoil or the aerial battles of Air Warfare. However, in this game, you will participate in a special battle. It's a battle of numbers. The numbers will be printed on the blocks. You will connect blocks together to form a long snake. With engaging gameplay, I think you will spend a lot of time on this game.

Rules to be King in Cubes 2048.io

In this game, in addition to the ability to move skillfully, the ability to calculate is also very important. As long as you combine them together effectively, you will be the king of this game. Of course, you will also meet strong opponents.

Merge the blocks together

To be able to strengthen yourself, you will have to collect as many blocks as possible. The larger the number of blocks, the greater the power. However, you cannot collect numbers larger than the number you have. Therefore, you need to increase your number gradually. Be careful with your opponents because they can attack you.

How to control

Drag the mouse to move the blocks. With easy control, the children can also play this game. They even can enjoy this game at school because this game is unblocked. Don't forget to share this game with your friends if you love it.