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Air Warfare


Join the air battle

Air Warfare is a fighting game that is set in the air. You need to control your aircraft and shoot at opponent aircraft. They can attack you back so be careful!

You may encounter many battles in the land as in Merge Cannon Chicken Defense. However, the air battles inspired this fun game. Instead of controlling a character, you will fly a fighting aircraft. Of course, there are tons of other planes. They are your opponent. In this game, you only can fight to survive. I'm sure that the air fights are also as thrilling as the land battles.

How to beat the Air Warfare opponents

You do not simply aim and shoot like normal shooting games. You need to be very skillful in flying the plane. Do two tasks at once confuse you?

Fire on the enemies

Many other aircraft will fly opposite you. Now, let's fire to beat them. If they hit your aircraft, your HP will decrease. Until this HP runs out, you will lose. This is an endless game, so try your best to move as far as possible.

Get the supplies and aid

Your bullets and HP points are limited. Don't worry! You can collect them in the air. Just fly through them to grab these items. They will be very useful for your war.

How to fly aircraft

You can use arrow keys to navigate the plane and press the spacebar to fire. Besides, you also can drag the mouse to steer the plane. You can press the left mouse button while dragging the mouse to shoot. Remember to save your bullets.