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Merge Cannon Chicken Defense


Kill the chickens

Fight the chickens in Merge Cannon Chicken Defense! Met's merge the cannons together to have better cannons. Don't let the enemies attack your castle!

Your enemies in this game are not scary zombies like in Knife Vs Zombies. The chickens are your opponents. They are really crowded and deadly, so you need strong weapons to destroy them.

Create more powerful cannons

The cannons would be suitable weapons in this war. However, these cannons will be divided into different levels. The higher the level, the stronger the attack. How to get high-class cannons? You need to combine high-level cannons together. You can only merge two cannons of the same level. Let's discover which is the most powerful cannon.

Defense wall upgrade

Merge Cannon Chicken Defense designs a wall in front of your castle. They will prevent the chickens from entering the castle. However, the strength of the wall has a limit. If it is attacked too much, it will lose HP. When HP is depleted, your castle will also fall. Therefore, always pay attention to the HP of the defensive wall. Try not to let the enemy touch it.

Upgrade the damage of the Merge Cannon Chicken Defense cannon

Gold coins can be used to buy low-level cannons in battle. In addition, it can be used to buy some upgrades in the shop. Naturally, these upgrades are permanent. You can upgrade cannon damage, decrease price or increase profit. You have to pay a lot for them.