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Knife Vs Zombies


The war between humans and zombies

Knife Vs Zombies is about a knife battle. You will use the knives to kill the zombies which stand in a high position. Of course, they will attack you back.

You will often see fierce battles between zombies and people in the movies. Zombies will often approach humans and bite them. However, everything will be different in this game. The zombies here have become very smart as they will throw knives to attack you. You will use knives to destroy them instead of using guns. You stand from afar and throw at the zombies. You must kill them before they destroy you. Try to take down as many enemies as possible.

Throw knives at enemies Knife Vs Zombies

This game will give you a different view of zombies. They have become smarter when choosing a high position. Their weapons will be the same as yours. Sharp knives can knock anyone down if hit.

Aim and throw

You will see a white dotted line when you are about to throw. This dotted line will help you determine the direction of the knife. Let's aim straight at the enemy. This game requires agility from you. Otherwise, your character will die when the knife hits him. The zombies will appear continuously in this game. Put your agility to the test in Knife Vs Zombies.

How to control the character

In this game, you just need to click and move the mouse to aim at the target. Once the target has been identified, release the mouse to launch the knife. There will be no second chance for you if the zombies throw knives at you.

Buy additional items for the Knife Vs Zombies battle

To have strong combat power, you need strong weapons. Accumulate enough gold to buy more special weapons in the shop. You can see a variety of weapons such as darts, axes, hammers and so on. In addition, you can also increase your defense by buying items such as hats, shields, etc. The background of this game is also very rich. However, you need money to unlock them. In short, try to earn as many gold coins as possible.