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Get ready for the fun shooting

With unique graphics, Recoil can relax your mind. The game has a very simple mission which is to shoot a pink virus. You must destroy it to complete a level.

The characters and details in this game are all drawn in a retro style combined with a bit of a modern style. You will immediately remember the game Drive Mad when you join this shooting game. Instead of having to move fast and avoid enemy bullets, now you just need to aim. No enemies will attack you. Although it does not bring a sense of excitement, your mind will be relaxed.

How to pass Recoil levels

You will experience many levels with different challenges in this game. No matter what the difficulty is, as long as you destroy all the viruses, you will win. These viruses will not be able to attack you when you touch it.

Aim and shoot the standard virus

Your character or viruses are designed with squares. Therefore, your character will bounce when shooting. You will not be able to move the character with the keyboard. You can only rely on the thrust when the gun fires bullets. Therefore, sometimes aiming properly at the target is not easy. Do not give up! Your ammo is unlimited and time is also unlimited.

Game control

You just need to click the left mouse button to fire. Do not forget to observe the number of levels that you need to pass. Remember that the number of viruses is not just one.