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Zombie Tsunami


Build your zombies army in this game

Zombie Tsunami is a classic running game. You will become a leader of zombies and dominate all over the world. Now, let's start your adventure!

Scary zombies are invading the world but you are not the hero in this game. As a zombie, can you conquer this game or not? To become strong, you need a large zombie army. Remember that you can make humans your own kind. Go on the road and find your teammates!

Move as far as you can in Zombie Tsunami

This game used to be a very popular app and has many plays. Now you can play this popular game online. Although this online version retains the classic gameplay, some features will be removed.

Eat more people to increase the number of zombies

Those standing in the street are the easiest to attack. They will have nothing to protect or fight back. Besides, people sitting in vehicles will be difficult to be attacked. However, if you have enough zombies, you can even destroy these vehicles to eat humans.

Avoid the obstacles

To kill zombies, humans have set up many traps along the way. Giant bombs are a prime example. Besides, moving cars or planes can also kill zombies. If you get stuck in the trash for too long, you lose too.

Earn gold coins to buy things

You can buy some pretty interesting items in the shop. You can buy specials, power ups or hats as long as you have enough gold coins. You wonder how to get gold coins. They will be on the way and you just need to grab them. The more gold, the more items you can buy in Zombie Tsunami. For a more thrilling game, Car Rush is a speed game for you.