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Car Rush


Show your driving skills on the busy road

Car Rush is a speed game where you drive a car on a crowded road. In this game, your mission is to reach the finish line. Then, you can unlock some new worlds.

Do you know the classic driving game on Nokia phones? This game is based on that classic game. You will control a cool vehicle in the third person. The background of this game is improved compared to the old version. The developer even designed some stages for players.

Drive the car to the destination in Car Rush

Many players are familiar with how to play. However, I will still introduce this game's rules and some new points.

Do not waste time

Time for each race is limited so speed is an important role to conquer this game. Always steer your vehicle forward by pressing the up arrow key. You only need to stop for a few seconds, your race results will change.

Don't hit other vehicles

Your racetrack is the road where cars travel a lot. Thus, you need to dodge all of them. While accidents don't cause your car to explode, it will cost you time. Also, don't hit the trees on the side of the road. Stay focused on your goal of reaching the finish line.

Game control

You will use the up arrow to move forward and the down arrow to stop. Then, to turn left or right, let's use the left and right arrows. With the simple control, Car Rush won't let you down. In case you love the other speed, Uphill Rush 9 is always here for you. Have fun!